Unhide.exe error – How to Fix Unhide.exe error effectively without problems?

Published: 23rd May 2011
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Soon after the Unhide.exe error appears, the computer will run improperly with numerous pop-up error messages. But don’t worry! You are in the right place here for detailed information what causes Unhide.exe error and how to fix Unhide.exe-related errors effectively with errors.

First of all, let’s have a look at what is Unhide.exe is.

Unhide.exe is an extremely vital part of Windows operating system. Unhide.exe is an important process which executes dll files and locates their libraries into windows system's memory. If there is something wrong with Unhide.exe on your computer then the whole PC probably cannot run stable and would be deathly slow.

Process Unhide.exe is located in the system directory: C:\windows\system32. If you find that this process executes and runs from any other suspicious locations, I advice you fully scan your computer with anti-virus program. Because such fishy phenomenon could be caused by virus or trojan horse. Some of the viruses will disguise Unhide.exe running on your computer to attack the system and steal important data. We classify those viruses fraudulently using the name Unhide.exe to Miroot. Win32. Worm. Backdoor.Lastdoor. and Trojan.

How to fix Unhide.exe error?

If the Unhide.exe is destroyed by virus or the Unhide.exe is corrupt, removed by accident, I suggest you follow this instruction to fix Unhide.exe error.

1) To fix Unhide.exe error, first you have to make sure that the computer is well protected against spyware. Any spyware is able to rename the programs on your computer. Once the spyware disguises as a normal program and run on the computer, it will seriously destroy system core files and steal your personal information, leaving your computer/ your files unprotected. So do remember to install and scan your computer regularly with a powerful anti-spyware program.

2) Copy and Paste Unhide.exe to Locate the Correct Directory on Your System.

Firstly, if you can not find a copy of Unhide.exe in this folder C:\WINDOWS\system32 then please use system searching function to find out Unhide.exe file on your computer. It must be removed to another location by mistake. After that, copy Unhide.exe back to the correct folder C:\WINDOWS\system32.

Secondly, if you fail to locate a copy of Unhide.exe on your whole computer, I recommend you copy the file from another computer with the same version of Windows operating system to your problem computer. Of course, you can try to re-install the operating system and Unhide.exe errors would be resolved immediately. However, this method would waste your precious time and maybe delete all of the data if you never backup your files.

3) Download System Repair Toolsto Fix Unhide.exe error

Do not doubt this method! Actually it is an effective and easy way to fix Unhide.exe with just a few of clicks. Unhide.exe error could probably be caused by registry error on the system. System Repair Tools can fix not only Unhide.exe but also help you detect and remove most of windows system errors on your PC.

From the above description, you can see that even though the causes of Unhide.exe error vary differently, it is still possible for you to fix it without problem. A Best Registry Cleaner will help you troubleshoot and fix Unhide.exe error within clicks. Download and run it now! It will fix return you a completely faster computer within minutes!

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